Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2 BUB farm to market roads up for probe

SAGADA, MOUNTAIN PROVINCE- Two  farm to market roads here under the Bottom up Budgetting (BUB) for  investigation reached focal person for Mountain Province Lynn Madalang.

Questions on status of implementation and process on project identification were asked by petitioners on farm to market roads  Ato-Engan located at Patay Poblacion  and Canipawan-Mabbay implemented by the  Sagada local government.

Some 15 farmers and residents here questioned alleged double funding of  P350,000  for the Canipawan –Mabbay farm to market road and a P350,000 for Ato- Engan Patay FMR  sourced from the 2013 BUB  listed projects allotted for said  roads.

Left with no riprap constructed , the residential house above donated
portion of the road is prone to landslide
An initial P3.5 million programmed  for the Canipawan-Mabbay  FMR  was sourced from a  P10 million pesos reportedly realigned  from the 15 million peso Pamana funds supposedly for  the Madongo-Tanulong FMR.

Also, the amount of  P3.5 million  was  allotted for the Ato-Engan FMR with funds sourced from the same ‘realigned’ 10 million peso Pamana funds earlier budgeted for the P15 million Tanulong-Madongo FMR. 

A P1.3 million was again programmed for the Ato-Engan FMR from the 2014 BUB listed funded projects. 

The  10 million peso fund  realigned from the P15 million Tanulong-Madongo  FMR sourced from Pamana funds in 2013-2014  was programmed for  Anga-ang – Angtin  Madongo FMR at  P3.5 million, Canipawan-Mabaay  FMR at P3.5 million, and Ato-Engan  FMR  at P3 million nd bidded out by the Department of Agriculture in 2013.

The owner of the donated lot complains why no steps
were constructed to add to the uncoontinued parapet.  
The  petitioners ask where the P350,000 BUB listed fund was worked on and the P3.5 million at the same Canipawan-Mabbay FMR project.
FMR  implementors don't care if  rain will
splatter down  the premises of residential house nearby 

Petitioners also asked where  the  P350,000 and P1.3 million BUB listed fund worked on at the same Ato-Engan FMR where the realigned P3.5 million PAMANA fund was allotted for.
Identification of said projects was asked how  the BUB listed projects were picked out  when other  Civil Society Organizations  (CSOs) have their respective income generating proposals to answer intentions of the BUB mechanism to address poverty alleviation and job generation.

Petitioners  ask  that the projects be investigated suggesting substandard work with cracks on the already implemented Ato-Engan FMR.

Obviously substandard work with buttered add-on cement
and uneven  pavement
No railings
BUB  listed projects  are financed by various agencies depending on what project it is. Roads, pathways and waterworks   are financed by the  Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG),  school-based  projects by the Department of  Education (DEpED),  skills trainings by the  Technical  Skills  Development  Authority (TESDA),   communal  irrigation systems l by the  Department of Agriculture,  tourism related  projects by the  Department of Tourism (DOT), and micro enterprise projects by the Department of  Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

BUB  ensures funding for the development needs of localities in the budget proposals of participating national government agencies; and the process of project identification involving representatives from the  government and CSOs.
The once beautiful fence was destroyed and interlinks
unrestored to the ire of the owner who complained to the implementing
Department of Agriculture and Local Government Unit of Sagada. 

The process intends to provide funding for projects to provide basic social services,  mitigate hunger, generate jobs, and disaster preparedness.

Lousy drainage. Water shall get pooled here
for whatever purpose 
Projects not allowed under the  BUB listing as contained in the 2015 guidelines are those below 500,000 pesos  as these  can be proposed as LGU  implemented projects,  expansion of Pantawid Pamilya Program, housing Projects, materials recovery facility and landfills, vaccination and  health insurance programs, construction of new school buildings and classrooms nd clinics, farm-to-market roads, construction of municipal halls and  training centers, and purchase of motor vehicles.

Earlier guidelines did not identify  farm to markets roads as unallowed projects. The 2015 guidelines specially identified  FMR as not allowed  projects as these are too costly for the limited  funds under BUB listing. ( April 5, 2015 Mountain Province Exponent)

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