Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dantay- Sagada road still show defects, repairs unaccepted

Sagada, Mountain Province- Cracks and substandard work remains to be visible along the million peso Dantay-Sagada road works despite correction measures done by contractors. Mountain Province District Engineering Office (MPDEO) district assistant Engr Charles Sokoken said no certificate of acceptance yet has been given to BMK/ETLatawan Construction on repair works it did along the 48 million peso upgrading road project four years ago.

DPWH rules provide a five year warranty for construction companies to perform remove and repair works within the contract budget. 

The 48 million peso road works by BMK /E Latawan Construction was implemented 2011 and finished 2012. 

Other defects- cracks on the pavement, scaling and unfinished parapets- are noted along the Dantay- Sagada road implemented by BLC and KVC Construction along the stretch of the national road despite earlier correction measures that contractors had done along the main road that reaches the tourist town of Sagada.

And despite uncorrected road defects, Benguet-based KVC is currently doing another 7 million peso project constructing a gabion below the road after Dapdapanan sitio along with widening works supposedly to have been finished ending 2014. 

A total of 181 million have already been programmed and contracted out along a 9 kilometer section of the total 13 kilometer Dantay-Sagada road since 2010.

Sokoken said no certificate of acceptance has been given to the construction companies yet on their repair and replace works. (Mountain Province Exponent,January 11,2015) 

This when-will- it-be-finished kontrata along the Dantay-Sagada road is seemingly waiting for another round of  project funds to continue the earlier 5 million and now  7 million peso project supposedly to have been completed ending 2014. 

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