Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stop Kaiduan Dam

Dear Friends, Campaigners,

Warm greetings from Sabah, Malaysia.

I am seeking your support on behalf of the Action Committee Against Kaiduan Dam which was set up by communities potentially affected directly by the Kaiduan dam. A number of NGOs are also helping us in our campaign and I hope you/your organisation could support by writing a letter to the Sabah government to reconsider the building of this dam.

In short, the dam will be built in an one of Sabah's most beautiful area, preserved because there was no road access to our villages until recently and because of our ways of life that maintain a healthy respect for the environment. The 150 metres proposed dam will mean about 350 square kilometers of our traditional lands will be taken as a water catchment reserve, including the flooded area of 12 square kilometres where 9 villages are currently located. There are confusing information from the government that the dam project has not been approved yet even though the contractor already started to enter the affected villages to conduct an EIA. Interviews with the community were far from satisfactory. We will keep you updated on activities that the Action Committee has done so far.

The next few weeks are crucial as the government considers what to do next after complaints from the communities that the Environmental Impact Assessment has not followed procedures prescribed by the State. This period will also coincide with heightened campaigns locally against the dam.

We therefore hope that you/your organisation will join other groups/individuals all over the world to take a few minutes to sign-on to this petition.

We also respectfully ask your continued support to press for the cancellation of the Kaiduan dam and instead request the government to take several other measures including improving the management of its water supply, doing a public campaign to save water and exploring other cheaper and safer options for water supply.

Thank you for your time and support.

Yours sincerely,

Nousi Giun
Action Committee Against Kaiduan Dam

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